Success Stories

Listen to what dealers are saying about CARFAX solutions.

CARFAX Advantage

Smart Decisions and Quicker Sales

These dealers rely on CARFAX to buy the right inventory at the right price, build consumer confidence, and close sales faster.

CARFAX Used Car Listings

Informed Consumers, Quality Leads

CARFAX puts dealers’ cars in front of millions of informed, ready-to-buy consumers, and delivers them quality leads that convert to sales quickly.


Improved Customer Loyalty

The customer loyalty that comes with CARFAX and its trusted brand means increased service revenue and trade-in leads for these dealers.

What Dealers Are Saying

“The CARFAX Severity Scale pinpoints where an accident happened. You’re able to show customers the facts and they want to be able to see it on the report. The CARFAX Report is transparency not just for us, but for our consumers.”

Paul Richman, General Manager, Bill Holt Mitsubishi, Canton, GA

What Dealers Are Saying

“CARFAX information and the data are, bar none, the best in the business, and it really helps.”

Jason Casale, General Manager, Buick GMC, Mawah, NJ

A Trusted Brand

You will get extra sales just because of the CARFAX”

The Most Accident & Damage Information

“It’s great for full transparency and makes the customer feel a lot more comfortable doing business with you”

Saving You Time and Money

“It’s an invaluable tool when appraising a car”

Advertise With Confidence

“If I had to choose one advertising site and one only, I’d dump everybody and keep CARFAX”

Trade-In Leads

“We signed up one day, immediately the next day we got a CARFAX lead for a trade”

Power of the Brand

“CARFAX makes it easier to find our inventory and our listings.”

Return on Investment

“What I get back from CARFAX is definitely worth what I spend”

More Sales, Less Tire Kickers

“People are coming to our dealership based on the fact that we’re a CARFAX dealer”

Partnering with CARFAX Drives Success

“Partnering with CARFAX continuously helps us drive success and revenue”

Boost Your Credibility

Fincher’s Texas Best, partners with CARFAX to boost the credibility of its own brand and compete with the big boys in the region

Low Funnel Buyers

Hear how Bill Gatton Chevy, Cadillac, Acura and Mazda are using CARFAX Used Car Listings.

Drive Repeat Service Customers

Hear how Peruzzi Toyota builds confidence in their vehicles, and drive repeat customers to their service department.

CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.

CARFAX invented vehicle history in 1986—and has been investing in it ever since. Our data is backed by more than 26 billion vehicle history records from more than 113,000 sources. And 93% of consumers recognize CARFAX—it’s the brand customers ask for by name.

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CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.