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Is Your Dealership Customer Focused?

Most car buyers today don’t show up on a car lot until after they’ve already researched online. At…

What Customers Expect Today (with Lyndsey Rodriguez)

Just the Fax Podcast: Your regular coffee shop knows what you want once going in; Amazon knows exactly…

Accident History is What Car Shoppers Want

How many car shoppers will consider buying a car with accidents? How much does an accident impact the…

Spotlight on CARFAX Advantage

Have you seen these enhancements in CARFAX Advantage? Improvements to accident insights, feature lists, and vehicle servicing highlights….

Are You Scaring Your Customers Away?

Scaring your customers away is the exact opposite of what dealers are after, even at Halloween. But sometimes,…

Top 10 Cities with Flooded Cars in 2022

Learn where the flood cars are in 2022, and how floodwater can affect a car.

Dealers Battling Outside Influences

Just the Fax Podcast: With rising interest rates and inflation, the buying public has become much more cautious…

How Dealers Are Buying High-Mileage With Confidence

Supply shortages seem to have accelerated customer acceptance of higher mileage used cars. In 2012, a New York…

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CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.

CARFAX invented vehicle history in 1986—and has been investing in it ever since. CARFAX has the most accident, damage, and service information.

CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.