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How to Source Quality Inventory Using CARFAX Tools

Explore how CARFAX tools can help you mine high-value “homegrown” inventory, win trades, and keep lease returns. Learn…

How to Compare Retail Values Using VIN-Specific History

CARFAX experts share how to use VIN-specific history-based value tools to get the most out of used vehicles…

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Top 10 Cities with Flooded Cars in 2021

Learn where the flood cars are and how floodwater can affect a car.

They look the same on the outside, but they can be very different on the inside.

Using CARFAX History-Based Value for Wholesale and Trade-in Acquisitions

Learn how CARFAX history-based value can help you when you’re buying trade-in and wholesale vehicles. Look for expert…

How to Sell Accident Cars

CARFAX experts share tips on selling cars involved in accidents, which make up 25% of available inventory. This…

Boost Buyer Confidence with CARFAX Accident and Damage Details

Accident severity and/or damage affects both the dealer and consumer. In this episode you’ll learn: The consumer perspective…

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CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.

CARFAX invented vehicle history in 1986—and has been investing in it ever since. CARFAX has the most accident, damage, and service information.

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CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.