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How Accident & Damaged Cars Can Give You a Competitive Edge

In the not-too-distant past, the perception was that accident and damaged vehicles were harder to sell. But the reality…

Marketing Accident Cars with CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

Learn how accident vehicles can actually sell faster and how to attract buyers with your online listings using…

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Top 10 Tips: Buying Accident Cars at the Right Price

Accident cars. Opportunity or disaster waiting to happen? As many as 40% of vehicles on U.S. roads have…

Fortunately, we have CARFAX to help consumers feel comfortable they are buying the right car.

How to Source Quality Inventory Using CARFAX Tools

Explore how CARFAX tools can help you mine high-value “homegrown” inventory, win trades, and keep lease returns. Learn…

How to Compare Retail Values Using VIN-Specific History

CARFAX experts share how to use VIN-specific history-based value tools to get the most out of used vehicles…

We might want to rely on CARFAX to help improve consumer confidence in the car and your dealership.

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