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A Feast of Service Customers

Going back for seconds (and maybe thirds) on Thanksgiving is kind of a tradition all on its own….

Spotlight on CARFAX For Life

Have you seen these enhancements in CARFAX For Life? Improvements help you close more recalls, drive more service…

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Is Your Dealership Customer Focused?

Most car buyers today don’t show up on a car lot until after they’ve already researched online. At…

Spotlight on CARFAX Used Car Listings

Have you seen these enhancements in CARFAX Used Car Listings? Check out vehicle history details, ratings and reviews,…

Spotlight on CARFAX Advantage

Have you seen these enhancements in CARFAX Advantage? Improvements to accident insights, feature lists, and vehicle servicing highlights….

Are You Scaring Your Customers Away?

Scaring your customers away is the exact opposite of what dealers are after, even at Halloween. But sometimes,…

How Dealers Are Buying High-Mileage With Confidence

Supply shortages seem to have accelerated customer acceptance of higher mileage used cars. In 2012, a New York…

Why “Homegrown” Used Vehicles Are the Most Valuable

Have you ever heard of a “Used Car Factory?” Probably not, because unlike many factory-made products, every used…

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