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A Feast of Service Customers

Going back for seconds (and maybe thirds) on Thanksgiving is kind of a tradition all on its own….

How Sales and Service Should Come Together

Just the Fax Podcast: The Sales Department and Service Department, in many dealerships, have a very adverse relationship….

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Spotlight on CARFAX For Life

Have you seen these enhancements in CARFAX For Life? Improvements help you close more recalls, drive more service…

Is Trust the Key to a Successful Service Department?

Is Trust the Key to a Successful Service Department? Service departments are increasingly expected to get more work…

5 Ways to Build Strong Service and Repair Relationships

A recent study found that 34% of consumers are loyal to their dealership service centers. That means 66%…

How to Keep Service Scores High Even When the Schedule is Full

It’s not news that new car sales dipped because of the original chip shortage. And those ongoing shortages…

Just the Fax Podcast

Learn about the latest trends car dealers are seeing on their lots today. With 30+ years of automotive…