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Car Buyers and the Economy: How Are Dealers Responding?

There are lots of outside influences affecting the automobile industry right now, especially as they relate to the…

What Do Car Buyers Today Really Expect?

Few industries have gone through as much change over the past couple of years as the automotive industry….

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The Industry had to Evolve … Even Your Partners

Just the Fax Podcast: Dealerships had to change to reflect the current times, but so did the dozens…

The New Automotive Horizon

Just the Fax Podcast:  The automotive industry has been rapidly changing in the last few years, igniting new…

What Dealers Are Talking About: Vehicle Pricing and Acquisition in Today’s Market

We hear from a lot of dealers here at CARFAX. In a recent episode of the Just the…

How Sales and Service Should Come Together

Just the Fax Podcast: The Sales Department and Service Department, in many dealerships, have a very adverse relationship….

Accident History is What Car Shoppers Want

How many car shoppers will consider buying a car with accidents? How much does an accident impact the…

Top 10 Cities with Flooded Cars in 2022

Learn where the flood cars are in 2022, and how floodwater can affect a car.

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