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What Do Car Buyers Today Really Expect?

Few industries have gone through as much change over the past couple of years as the automotive industry….

Benefits of Using CARFAX Reports in the Service Lane

Why would a service writer or manager want to run a vehicle history report on a car coming…

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Dealer Best Practices: Tell a Story with Online Vehicle Listings

Almost every dealer markets their cars online nowadays. But the online space is crowded with competition, all vying…

What Dealers Are Talking About: Vehicle Pricing and Acquisition in Today’s Market

We hear from a lot of dealers here at CARFAX. In a recent episode of the Just the…

How Sales and Service Should Come Together

Just the Fax Podcast: The Sales Department and Service Department, in many dealerships, have a very adverse relationship….

Is Your Dealership Customer Focused?

Most car buyers today don’t show up on a car lot until after they’ve already researched online. At…

Are You Scaring Your Customers Away?

Scaring your customers away is the exact opposite of what dealers are after, even at Halloween. But sometimes,…

Why “Homegrown” Used Vehicles Are the Most Valuable

Have you ever heard of a “Used Car Factory?” Probably not, because unlike many factory-made products, every used…

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