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How Accident & Damaged Cars Can Give You a Competitive Edge

In the not-too-distant past, the perception was that accident and damaged vehicles were harder to sell. But the reality…

How to Attract the Ideal Inventory

Just the Fax Podcast: Episode 17 Join Bob Grill and DJ Sherwood as they discuss what ideal inventory…

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What do twins and cars have in common?

They look the same on the outside, but they can be very different on the inside.

Pitfalls when Buying from the Public

Just the Fax Podcast: Episode 16 Join Bob and DJ as they discuss some of the challenges when…

Top 10 Cities with Flooded Cars in 2021

Learn where the flood cars are and how floodwater can affect a car.

Get the Full Accident Story

Find out what types of information a CARFAX vehicle history report delivers for dealers and customers. Learn what…

Odometer Rollback Increases by State

Check your state’s odometer rollbacks!

Top 10 Tips: Buying Accident Cars at the Right Price

Accident cars. Opportunity or disaster waiting to happen? As many as 40% of vehicles on U.S. roads have…

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