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What Dealers Are Talking About: Vehicle Pricing and Acquisition in Today’s Market

We hear from a lot of dealers here at CARFAX. In a recent episode of the Just the…

Spotlight on CARFAX Advantage

Have you seen these enhancements in CARFAX Advantage? Improvements to accident insights, feature lists, and vehicle servicing highlights….

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Top 10 Cities with Flooded Cars in 2022

Learn where the flood cars are in 2022, and how floodwater can affect a car.

How Dealers Are Buying High-Mileage With Confidence

Supply shortages seem to have accelerated customer acceptance of higher mileage used cars. In 2012, a New York…

Back to the Future: Would you buy Doc’s ’81 DeLorean?

Have you seen the Vehicle History Report for the “Back to the Future” DeLorean? Every car has a…

10 Tips on Buying Cars from John Q. Public

Buying from John Q. Public is a great source of cars for your lot. Here are 10 tips…

How to Reach Owners Online When They’re Ready to Sell

In these times of short supply, one popular way to get cars on the lot is to buy…

How Dealers Find Cars During The Shortage

Here are some of the ways dealers are finding inventory in the current car shortage. See how CARFAX…

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