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10 Tips on Buying Cars from John Q. Public

Buying from John Q. Public is a great source of cars for your lot. Here are 10 tips…

How to Reach Owners Online When They’re Ready to Sell

In these times of short supply, one popular way to get cars on the lot is to buy…

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How Dealers Find Cars During The Shortage

Here are some of the ways dealers are finding inventory in the current car shortage.    

Tips to Buying Cars From Private Party Sellers

The shortage of new vehicles continues to drive up demand for used vehicles. Which makes filling your used…

Acquisition Success and Common Mistakes

Just the Fax Podcast: Episode 23 Bob and DJ will have a discussion regarding best practices when acquiring…

Top 10 Car Value Factors

No two used cars are alike. And their value can depend on much more than the market average….

How Not to Overpay at Auction

As the shortage of new vehicles drags on, dealers are seeing fewer trade-ins. Once upon a time, they…

Outside-the-Box Tips for Getting Cars on Your Lot

We’re hearing from dealers that they’re working overtime just to keep inventory on the lot. Doing things the…

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