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Have you seen these enhancements in CARFAX For Life? Improvements help you close more recalls, drive more service visits, and increase service revenue.

Improved Recall Alerts for Customers

Recall alerts help build trust with customers so they can drive with peace of mind.  Recent updates notify customers of recalls for their vehicle and let them know a fix is available. Customers can receive instant recall alerts within 5 days of activating CARFAX For Life in your dealership.

New Service Visit Reminder Notifications

Customers listen when CARFAX sends an open recall alert. And we make it easy for customers to set up an appointment with their favorite dealership right from the CARFAX app.


Recommended Major Services Added to Car Care Dashboard

Better informed customers are more likely to schedule service with their favorite dealership. That’s why we now highlight the major services to the top of the Car Care Dashboard. Increase service visits from better informed and more engaged customers.

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