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Why would a service writer or manager want to run a vehicle history report on a car coming in for service? Well, there’s lots of reasons but the top of the list includes building customer confidence through transparency and quality service.

We see the highest performing dealers focus on a few key areas of the Carfax Report with customers coming through their service lanes:

Well-Maintained Badge

Customers love getting credit for taking care of their vehicles. In the upper right-hand corner of the CARFAX Report is the Well-Maintained badge that appears when your customers adhere to timely service. Having your service team call attention to that badge makes people feel good for spending time and money caring for their vehicle at your dealership.

Retail Value

The importance of having regular maintenance is reflected in the value of their vehicle shown on the report. When talking to service customers it can also help to mention cars that have well-maintained badge on the report usually have higher retail values than those without. This can encourage customers to continue keeping up their proactive maintenance.

Service History

Dealers are finding the service visit is a great time to walk through the Carfax Report to show customers the service work that’s being documented on the report, explaining how this can influence their car’s value and earn a well-maintained badge.

You can also use the CARFAX Vehicle History Report to recommend any missed maintenance services. The best part of this approach is that that as the advisor, you can rely on the Carfax Report as a neutral 3rd party recommendation for maintenance needs.


Recalls tend to be a large volume of dealer service visits. The Carfax Report indicates open recalls for vehicles in both the summary section at the top, and in the detailed records. When there’s an open recall on the car and you tell your customer you can have that taken care of without costing them a dime, it typically makes for a happy customer.

Print this tip sheet and share with your service team:

Using VHR in service lane

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