CARFAX Terms of Service

These CARFAX Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) and each application or order for CARFAX Services signed by…

Major Service Recommended on CARFAX Car Care Dashboard

Consumer trust CARFAX and are more likely to act on our major service recommendations to keep their cars…

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Keep up to date with the latest CARFAX news and insights.

CARFAX for Life Local Market Scorecard

View this new Scorecard with your rep and compare your performance with dealers down the street on Favorites,…

CARFAX for Life Service Loyalty Report

Cultivate loyalty through Favorites to drive repeat service visits, win back defectors, and boost recall completion rates.  

Brakes Inspection on CARFAX Car Care

Consumers can quickly track and schedule a brake inspection at their favorite service shop using CARFAX Car Care….

One Tap Lead Submission

With just one tap, ready-to-buy CARFAX Consumers using Android phones can let you know they’re interested in your…

Inventory Trending Dashboard for CARFAX Car Listings

Get vehicle history insights on your used cars. Plus, an inventory breakdown sorted by CARFAX Value Badges.

Ways to Reach Your Dealership

It’s easier than ever for ready-to-buy CARFAX Consumers to quickly engage with their desired listings and contact you…

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