CARFAX Advantage

Buy the right inventory and close sales faster with CARFAX Vehicle History Reports.


Confidence at Acquisition— and at the Deal Table

Whether at auction, wholesale, or trade-in, know before you buy with a complete vehicle history from a trusted brand. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports give you confidence in the condition and the price of every car you look at. Then close your deals faster by providing customers with the vehicle history they ask for by name: CARFAX.

CARFAX Advantage Features

Know Before You Buy With Complete Vehicle History
  • Run reports instantly at auction, trade-in, and wholesale to get the cars you want and avoid the ones you don’t
  • Avoid overpaying with CARFAX History Based Value—it’s on every CARFAX Report
  • Access CARFAX Reports anywhere, any time with desktop and mobile versions
Build Trust and Transparency With Consumers
  • Offer your customers vehicle history from the brand they trust
  • Justify your price and limit negotiations at the deal table
  • Provide your customers a Consumer Info Pack, including Vehicle HighlightsTM, Warranty CheckTM, and Buyback GuaranteeTM
Rely on the Most Accident and Damage Information
  • Full accident history
  • Damage details and severity
  • Point of impact
  • Repair history
Access Data No One Else Has—Including Detailed Accident and Damage Data
  • The most accident and damage information, including severity and point of impact details
  • Open recall alerts
  • Ownership history and details
  • Service records—everything from oil changes to accident repair
Use the Power of the Brand Customers Ask for by Name
  • Marketing and event materials to display throughout your lot
  • CARFAX logos and CAR FOX images to lend credibility to your marketing
  • Customizable social media content for all your online advertising
Avoid Overpaying with History-Based Value
  • Understand a car’s value based on vehicle-specific information, including accidents, ownership, and service history
  • Have a clear picture of a car’s worth at acquisition
  • Offer transparency to customers and limit negotiations

What Dealers Are Saying

“I use CARFAX Advantage from the beginning of the marketing process, to the person arriving at the dealership, to the negotiation table to the end of sale.”

Todd Rechterman, Independent Owner, Cars Plus Credit, Independence, MO.

What Dealers Are Saying

“It’s undeniable. CARFAX is a trusted name. People read the CARFAX Report and believe what it says. That’s where the conversation ends.”

Jason Scobie, GSM, Nash Chevrolet, Lawrenceville, GA

What Dealers Are Saying

“CARFAX has become the authority in our business. Everyone recognizes CARFAX and the CAR FOX, so once they see the logo, they know that what we're presenting to them is factual information.”

Joseph Fardella, Pre-Owned Sales Manager, Jack Daniels Motors of Fairlawn, NJ

CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.

CARFAX invented vehicle history in 1984—and has been investing in it ever since. Our data is backed by more than 24 billion vehicle history records from more than 112,000 sources. And 94% of consumers recognize CARFAX—it’s the brand customers ask for by name.

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CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.