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CARFAX helps you acquire the right inventory, attract ready-to-buy
consumers, and build loyal customers.


CARFAX provides trusted information and partners with thousands of dealerships to help them buy and sell used cars with confidence. Our dealers integrate CARFAX across their entire dealership: acquisition, advertising, retail and service. They know the value vehicle history and consumer trust has to their bottom line.

35+ Years






More Than 32 Billion Records

CARFAX created the Vehicle History Report in 1986. Today, CARFAX has the largest vehicle history database on record, with more than 32 billion vehicle history records from more than 139,000 data sources. Each day, CARFAX adds more than 7 million records on average to its vehicle history database—all to help more than 30,000 dealer customers make decisions with confidence.


Trusted Brand

With 96% brand recognition, CARFAX is the brand consumers ask for by name. The name CARFAX is synonymous with trust and credibility, and that translates into confidence in your dealership.

The Most Accident Information

Accident history is the number one concern for used car shoppers. But with the right information, an accident car can be a worthwhile acquisition—and won’t derail a sale. CARFAX has the most accident information, including location and severity of damage. Armed with this information, dealers can make sound buying decisions and eliminate customer concerns.

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Top-Rated Dealers

Each year, CARFAX recognizes its Top-Rated Dealers for their commitment to building consumer confidence through exceptional service and customer care. The awards are based on more than a million verified reviews from actual customers, and help other shoppers feel confident about choosing where to take their business.

CARFAX Lifetime Dealers

Car owners look for the CARFAX Lifetime Dealer badge to know which dealerships provide full access to CARFAX products whether they’re buying, servicing, or trading-in their used car.  This elite group of dealers provide CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, showcase cars for sale on CARFAX Car Listings, and use CARFAX for Life to help customers track maintenance needs.


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Partner Network

CARFAX partners with hundreds of the best names in the automotive industry, bringing the power of CARFAX reports to you whenever and wherever you need them.  Our partnerships with consumer brands means CARFAX continues to build trust and confidence with consumers everywhere.

CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.

CARFAX invented vehicle history in 1986—and has been investing in it ever since. CARFAX has the most accident, damage, and service information.

CARFAX. Put the power of our brand and information to work for you.